Wines Douro


History Located in Poço do Canto, City of Meda, Upper Douro. It was created with the mission of transforming and invigorating the production of the vineyards that were planted in the 1980s by Horacio Lourenço, returned from Angola, dedicated himself to Civil Construction but never hiding the passion viticulture invested and increased over Wine-growing heritage. To the current 45 existing Hectares, the concept of “Quinta” does not apply due to the different locations (Poço do Canto, Vale da Teja and Pocinho). This factor has the disadvantage production cost, which is filled by the greater diversity that allows us to take the most of the properties, altitudes varying between 180m and 700m, alone of shale in the lower zones and Shale / Granite in the higher zones. The differences in climate, location, altitude, and soil allied to the same vine varieties planted in different territories allows the creation of distinct wines and the possibility of not standardizing and distinguishing products. The winery, with capacity of 400 000 liters, was built in 2003, year in which the first wines were made in personal name.