cropped-queijos.jpgOperating since 1996, Cheeses S.A, has been to stated on the national scene , being currently market leaders. In a context like the current, the statement of a company and the maintenance of confidence in a future that as we know , we give us so much uncertainty and so much unknown, are particularly arduous tasks . But the effort and dedication of 19 years of history are sufficiently motivating to the prosecution of innovative strategies and of work with the design of watching our customers needs. We believe in future and in our future because the recent past and the present, show our strength and will, as well as the resistance capacity to adversities, innovation, competitiveness and flexibility, necessary to predict and adapt to crisis moments , taking advantage in our favor with experience and diversity, making us stronger. This diversity and adaptation to offer, as well as to new markets, if actualize and culminate with rigor and organizational strength . In this sense, we will continue confident in our abilities and in the future, continuing to concretize and establish new goals.

Portuguese cheese factory (thirsty in Carragozela – Seia) funded in 1996, specialment dedicated to the production and commercialization of sheep, cow and goat cheeses, as well as sheep whey cheese and fresh sheep cheese.

The beginning prevailed the manual mode production but in 1999 and in the order of increase the production, the company suffer requalification works, introducing new technologies and equipments. These changes were based in the traditional/artisanal techniques.

The sheep products are obtained from sheep milk crude, which means that there a special and constant preoccupation with the public health and safety food. In this sense and in the order of improve the technological and hygienic conditions in the all production phases and milk transport, we found in this moment certified by NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000.