Olive Oil Fadista ref.002




FADISTA Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Family company, since 2004 is on the market Almojanda’s brand, products with gourmet characteristics.

FADISTA Extra Virgin Olive Oil was launched in 2009, a new challenge for Diterra Ltd in order to identify the consumer with the origins and Lusitanian’s traditions, and represent an excellent ambassador of Portugal in the international market.

FADISTA (Fado singer) Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Fado, undeniable symbol of the Portuguese national identity, which is considered intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO since November 2011 and is one of the major brands of Portugal with an international reputation, far beyond the Portuguese communities throughout the world.

FADISTA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in PET or glass bottle, with labels in bilingual (English / Portuguese).

PET is lighter, more shock-resistant, recyclable and able to maintain all the properties of olive oil, has gained acceptance in the food sector in major export destinations of Portugal. Diterra, Ltd. was the 1st company in Portugal to launch a brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in PET packaging.